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Thread: Kali 2016.1 R Airmon-ng Check Kill Command Not Required

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    Smile Kali 2016.1 R Airmon-ng Check Kill Command Not Required

    For MTeams persistent usb i386 install of Kali 2016.1R the use of the airmon-ng check kill command is no longer required. Note the usb was updated fully just prior to these tests

    MTeams did the following with two(2) wifi devices wlano and eth1.

    With eth1 associated to a network MTeams evoked the following commands

    airmon-ng start wlan0 [Enter]

    wlan0mon was produced

    Then airodump-ng was run

    airodump-ng wlan0mon [Enter]

    There was a temporary Stoc error message which then disappeared and airodump-ng then ran after about two second delay only.

    MTeams then typed

    apt-get update and began processing data thru Network-Manager on eth1 while airodump-ng was running thru wlan0mon

    We are asking other users to duplicate these finding

    Note when we did kill Network manager we were unable to restore its function except thru a reboot.

    We suspect now that multiple monitors thru iw commands is possible but that will require further tests.

    Musket Teams

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    Further Testing shows that you cannot run reaver or wash directly. To make this work you MUST run airodump-ng FIRST. This then allows wash and reaver to function. Note you can shut airodump-ng down after it starts and other program will run fine after that.

    For example we switched the xterm start up in varmacscan lab variant for Kali2016.1R so airodump-ng ran first then wash then reaver and the program ran fine.


    In limited tests same procedures seem to work for kali 2.0 as well.

    Will advise
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    Further testing shows that to make this work you must UNCHECK any "connect automatically for all stations already setup for that specific device

    Method I

    From the NetworkManager drop-down menus Click on the device you wish to use in monitor mode.

    Click on wifi setting. A page will appear.

    Any station which is setup will have a small square with a black gear inside on the far right after the station name.

    Click within the square and a menu will appear.

    Click on identity left side of menu.

    On the bottom of the menu which appears uncheck "Connect Automatically"

    Do this for all stations that have been setup for that device.

    Now Network Manager will sit quietly in the background and leave the device alone.

    Method II

    Alternatively you can go to

    /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ and open each text file holding the setup instructions for that ESSID (ie station name) and under:


    add the line


    You can always evoke the command airmon-ng check kill but this kills Network Managers' ability to function on all devices.

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    1. Run the script and inactivate all autoconnect settings or manually turnoff ALL autoconnect settings in NM.
    2. Place wifi device in monitor mode

    airmon-ng start wlan1

    3. Place wlan1mon in monitor mode again as follows:

    ifconfig wlan1mon down
    iwconfig wlan1mon mode monitor
    ifconfig wlan1mon up

    Now you can run wash, reaver or any program directly.

    You can use the internet on other devices.

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