OK so I search the Internet for this & didnt find what I needed
I also searched this and a few outer forums also to no avail

The situation:

I have Win 7 as the main operating system on the main disk drive
I have Kali Sana installed on a thumb drive

I want to stop Kali from being able to access the main boot drive (windows is on)

I need to do this in a way so that Kali couldn't access it even if it wanted to.

Preferably I would like to delete some code from a file to accomplish this.

I know that you can put an unmount string in some file (not sure which one) I dont want to do it that way though because a script could be used to reenter it into that file.

Really Id rather not go into WHY I need to do this: basically it comes down to a security issue.

I appreciate any help or info anyone can supply to help me accomplish this TYVM