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Thread: [HELP] TL-WN727N not working.

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    Question [HELP] TL-WN727N not working.

    As the title says ,
    I am currently using Kali Net Hunter for Oneplus One.

    Fisrt and foremost, I run wifite with External wifi adapter "TL-WN7200ND''c26-TL-WN7200ND-1-l.jpg and it works *it is shown in the wifite terminal when scanning for wifi adapters,
    However, since the wifi adapter is to big and bulky, so I decided to buy a small version "TL-WN727N"download.jpg and with a high hope it will work. So i plug the new wifi adapter with an OTG-cable and run wifite. The terminal does not show my wifi adapter device. Is this a driver problem? or simply the TL-WN727N does not support net hunter? Thank you.

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    I have Note 3 N900 5.0.1...I have WN722N when i connect it doesn't recognized by my note 3?? i don't know whats wrong,I facing this Problem...Some People say its a kernel issue and SOme said its because of less power,,Use Y-cable! Im so confused!

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