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Thread: Screen black out on booting Kali linux

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    Screen black out on booting Kali linux

    I've just installed Kali Linux 2016. Right after installation competes and grub loads, the screen blacks out. I access Kali by sleeping my laptop and waking it up (pressing power key to sleep and pressing space bar to wake it up). Ctrl+F1 is of no help (, also the other solution of changing display settings in BIOS setup is unavailable)
    I have a HP Pavilion, with Intel i7, 16GB RAM, nVidia GT940.

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    Can you login at all? If so, dmesg output and the log files in /var/log may point you in the right direction for troubleshooting.

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    Try hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 to see if you can get a login shell

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    It's your display drivers acting up. You need to edit your boot config during boot. In grub, move the arrow key to avoid it from quick booting into your distro, then select the one you want to edit. The find the line that lists nvidia or nouveax and add "NOMODESET=" to the line. This is just off the top of my head, I will try to return with more precise instructions.

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    You can also try the options listed here, even though you havn't necessarilly installed the proprietary drivers for nvidia, the files affected are the same.

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