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Thread: aircrack-ng issue in kali linuxdeploy

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    aircrack-ng issue in kali linuxdeploy

    hello friends.
    firstly I am sorry for my bad english.

    I need some help.
    I had wasted my 2weaks for it.
    I am enable to use aircrack-ng start wlan0 in kali linux. actually I am newbie .
    plz I need some help.
    to convert wlan0 into mode monitor.
    when I try to convert using iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor command it will give error for no devices.
    (I am trying with my internal wifi interface)

    also I have issue in make command.
    when ever I write make unload make load.
    It will show me that error.

    plz help me.

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    Good chance you'll not be able to use Internal hardware.
    You would need to get an external USB.
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    external usb like?

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    I too am having same issue with linux deploy I can plug in external wifi adapter awus036nh and when i run lsub it sees the 8187 device but there is no wlan1. any help would be greatly appreciated

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