I want to build a Kali server on a AWS EC2 instance; I've run the scripts at: https://github.com/offensive-security/kali-cloud-build and everything worked with the exception of registering an AMI with the snapshot (which I had to manually do because of the version of Unbuntu and the updates to register-image). I then launched an instance based on that AMI image and it booted; but couldn't SSH into the box nor were any ports open. (security rules were open); so I assume maybe something wrong with the snapshot - I mounted the volume to a working instance and was able to view the drive contents. Everything looked "OK" - but I'm not sure what to look for. I did notice that the /home folder was empty - so not sure if any users were created or how someone would access the box.

Is there something wrong with the image that I must correct; is there something wrong with the kali-cloud-build that I must correct? What is the best way for me to build or access an AMI image that can be used to launch an instance?

any help would be greatly appreciated.