Hey guys, I'm new here to the Kali Community.
so recently i'v been struggling with the latest kali linux 2.0 rolling when installing Nvidia drivers.
I have Asus laptop with 125 SSD / 1TB HDD and Nvidia GeForce 960M. I installed Kali on my HDD so that i can manage dual-boot with the SSD (Windows 10). and everything went fine!
until i run kali Linux and it freezes in login screen "System-default" login type ( i think cuz of the drivers ) so i login in (GNOME on Wayland) and it logins fine.
and then the Nouvera drivers start and make that noise. (ovsiuasly cuz there are no Nvidia drivers installed i think!?)
I followed many tutorials here and the original tutorial from the docs :

but i always end up with one of these things:
1- oh no something has gone wrong [Error screen]
2- can't login via the GUI login screen (doesn't show up) and stuck at tty1,2,3,etc. and sometimes freezes here.
3- The drivers cannot be installed successfully (somethings are missing).
4- when i download the drivers from nvidia website they don't run and freeze sometimes.

I also tried to apt-get update and dist-upgrade before installing any thing, and one more time without apt-get update and dist-upgrade.

I'v tried so many methods to attempt to install the Nvidia drivers but all of them failed. if someone can help me or give me another method or tell me what i should do
to fix this it would be much appreciated. I will also make tutorial when i figure this out!

Thanks in advance!