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Thread: What's the best phone to use nethunter with?

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    What's the best phone to use nethunter with?

    As the title says, what's the best phone to use nethunter with? I bought a Nexus 5 but it turned out that the Wi-Fi card on it is horrible. This leaves it to the Nexus 6 and OnePlus One? Which one should is better?

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    OnePlus one... go for it.
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    I would say something that is officially supported. I have OnePlus One and Onyx. OnePlus One would be my choice again. Not only for NetHunter, but for a daily driver too... it's the perfect phone for it's price.

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    NetHunter is pretty universal when it comes to supported features and stability. The only difference between the supported devices would be whether they have OTG Y Charging support or not, as that requires extensive editing within the power management and OTG drivers of the kernel, which is different with each device.

    Really, the Nexus 5 has the best internal wireless card for NetHunter that I know of, as it's the only one that has a somewhat working monitor mode / packet injection supported firmware (with hammerheadmon version and a lot of extra work!). The custom wireless driver (NexMon) isn't fully supported yet, so it's still similar to the other devices. All modern phones these days come with locked down Broadcom wireless drivers, so you will need OTG and a supported USB wireless card such as the Alfa AWUS036NEH or TP-Link TL-WN722N for example.

    My advice would be to go with whichever phone you have interest in that has an unlocked bootloader and TWRP support. Convincing one of the many developers of custom kernels (especially one that's made one for your phone) to support NetHunter for that device would be very easy with the current state of the NetHunter installer. You may want to convince them before you buy the phone, however.
    If you ask me, the devices with the biggest screens (for VNC & terminal) and batteries are the best choice.
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    hello guys!

    what about the oneplus x? which are the performances on that terminal? i need dual sim support so nexus devices are not a choice.

    thanks in advance!


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    Hey guys,

    I'm seriously debating between OnePlus One and OnePlus Two! Binkybear has confirmed the NH3 works perfectly on OP2, and the added RAM and processing power will definitely be useful. Also, is it true that the OP2 Wireless card supports monitor mode?
    I'm so lost about which one to get between these two. Even considering the Nexus 9 as one of my options, since I'm already using a separate phone and this will just be my test device.

    Anyone who can give me some advice on what to buy?

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