Hi all, I am really confused about what's going on.

I have a few routers of different brands, all of them with WPS enabled.

I have both airodump-ng going on the AP in question, and I have run wash with the appropriate commands to make sure that WPS actually is enabled and that the AP's are vulnerable to attack.

The routers are relatively old and the latest versions of both reaver and wifite surely have attacks built in that the routers haven't been patched for. The router firmware has not been updated on any of the routers.

Here is the message I get when I try running wifite, and I get basically the exact same error when running reaver.

Sending EAPOL START request
WPS transaction failed (code: 0x04), re-trying ...
Trying pin 12345670

repeat infinitely no matter how long it's left to run.

In other terminals I have an airodump-ng -c 1 --bssid ### wlan0mon with good signal strength, about -35
In another terminal I have wash -i wlan0mon running

Both Reaver and Wifite are up to date. I'm really puzzled as to what I should do here.

I have been able to get WPA Handshake auths before on some of the routers using deauth attacks with my iphones as clients, but now it doesn't seem to make a difference if there are clients on or not, the same old 12345670 just scrolls forever.

I have made sure the AP's are not banning me as well, the ban tables are clear.

Any help would be really appreciated.