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Thread: S.E.T Credential Harvester

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    S.E.T Credential Harvester

    Good Evening Members,

    I am a network engineer for a manged services company. Recently, my company has started offering basic vulnerability scans to their clients, we primarily use Nessus. They are now wanting to get into phishing and security training for them as well. I have used Kali in the past, just not in this capacity. So, I started reading about SET and its capabilities. I feel as though I have most of the basics down, but there seems to be an issue with the credential harvester within SET. I am using the site clone option and have tried cloning numerous sites but I am unable to get any credentials to log in the file located in /var/www/html/The_Harvesterxxxxxxx.txt

    I have ports 80 and 443 open
    I am able to browse both internally and externally to my cloned site
    I see the redirected IP address that I input into SET for the redirection
    I enter my username and password
    I am not redirected anywhere, it just goes to a "Page Cannot Be Displayed"
    I then check the log file and there not any credentials in there

    I am using Kali 2.0 2016.1 and I have cloned the latest version of S.E.T

    Has anyone else had this issue? The primary sites I have been trying to clone are and

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    Have you had a look at the SET source code? I've occasionally had to modify source to get some options to work correctly.

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    I am not entirely sure what I would have to modify in the source code to get the creds to pass to the specified .txt file.

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