Hi guys,

I tried several times to install ATI drivers having also the GPU available, but was imposible, i read a lot of post, I tried a lot of diferents ways, but always become a error.

I fixed the problem with the black screen (X Error) with a specific driver. but I can not use my GPU´s for nothing.

I´m not going to explain how dificult is, because I thing who have a ATI know that.

I don´t understand why we have a manual for Nvidia but we don´t have information (or I can not find that) about ATI.

Anyway this is just a little step in the penetration testing, just a resource sometimes, but I think is really important also to practice in differents ways and I would be very gratefull if someone have a way to do it work.

I have 2 HD 5970, yeah, 2 BEAST, but I would like to test in practical cases.

Thank you very much guys!!! Enjoy your penetration testing!!