Installed Plasma5 in Kali-Rolling 2016.1 with "apt-get install kde-full".

Plasma starts correctly but there are no menus for Kali tools. All Kali tools are in "Lost+Found" in Plasma application menu.

Began the process of creating my own Kali menus within Plasma. KMenuEdit crashes repeatedly. I began saving my changes continuously but KMenuEdit loses menu changes even after saving.

After several efforts to create Kali menus, plasmashell crashed entirely. Restarting it brought back my desktop, but with instabilities/configuration changes from where it was before.

A question and a comment: The question is whether there is a way to easily load the Kali menus into Plasma 5? The comment is that Plasma 5 does not seem adequately stable for mission critical use. It is clearly a big step backwards from KDE4, which seemed pretty stable.

I don't know if the Kali Gods want to revert the Kali packages to KDE4 - I imagine they come from Debian. But you might want to post a warning somewhere about Plasma 5 stability issues. If someone planned to use it for something important they could be in for a nasty surprise.