I borrowed my friend my notebook for a few days due to studying purposes.
He said to me that he done nothing wrong on it but I'm struggling with apt-get and wicd-client

Kali Linux 2.0 with i3 tiling window manager.
Asus UL30A

Python didn't work so I reinstalled it with apt-get. This didn't solve the problem so I downloaded newest Python version and installed it via ./configure, make && make install.
So Python does work now, also seems like multiple versions of python also have been installed.
python, python3, python3.5, python3.5-config, python3.5m, python3.5m-config

When I do use apt-get autoremove Im getting these reports from the command line:


dpkg -a --configure

Also can't start wicd-client wicd.jpg

I want to avoid a reinstallation of Kali.