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    Netmanmac1-3 released for general use

    Verion 1-3 replaced by version 1-4

    This script allows the user to globally set the mac address and auto-connect selection for ALL wifi devices found in the

    /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections folder.

    Supports kali 1.10a, 2 and Kali 2016.1R

    For Reference:

    When using NetworkManager(NM) to access the net, any spoofed mac address(MAC) produced thru the terminal window(TW) will be over-written by NM. If no cloned mac address exists in NM menu settings, then the device is returned to the device MAC and any mac spoofing set by the user thru the TW disappears.

    To clone a single mac address for a wifi Network thru NM menus requires many steps just to complete just one(1) wifi network setup.

    When NM sets up a wifi Network it selects auto-connect to the device by default. This autoconnect feature causes NM to constantly disrupt ALL wifi devices linked to this autoconnect selection. This in turn causes disruptions when the device has been placed in monitor mode. To counter this aircrack-ng embedded airmon-ng check kill into the airmon-ng bash script to kill all NM functions when really all you want NM to do is ignore the device placed in monitor mode. They also did not inform users exactly what airmon-ng check kill did nor how to restore NM to full function.

    In kali.2.0 restoring NM to full function does not occur if NM is restarted thru service commands.

    1. The script can spoof the MAC globally for all NM wifi Networks. The user can manually input a MAC or allow the MAC to be produced randomly.

    2. If the mac address is manually entered a comment can be appended by the user. This comment is useful for cases where a Network has employed mac address blocking just as an example. All MACs entered manually are stored for historical reference and displayed on the screen for use by the user along with comments. This allows quick mac spoofing and identification of any MACs previously used to avoid mac blocking.

    3. The script allows the global activation or inactivation of all autoconnect selections found in the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections folder. This allows using a wifi device in monitor mode without having to run airmon-ng check kill thus allowing other devices to access the internet thru NM. However the following procedures must be used.

    1. Run the script and inactivate all autoconnect settings or manually turnoff ALL autoconnect settings in NM.
    2. Place wifi device in monitor mode

    airmon-ng start wlan0

    3. Run airodump-ng example airodump-ng wlan0mon. As airodump-ng is initalized a short error message is seen and then airodump-ng begins its scan. You can now shut down airodump-ng and run other programs such wash, reaver,mdk3.


    1. Run the script and inactivate all autoconnect settings or manually turnoff ALL autoconnect settings in NM.
    2. Place wifi device in monitor mode

    airmon-ng start wlan1

    3. Place wlan1mon in monitor mode again as follows:

    ifconfig wlan1mon down
    iwconfig wlan1mon mode monitor
    ifconfig wlan1mon up

    Now you can run wash, reaver or any program directly.

    You can use the internet on other devices.

    You can download here thru kali or thru: has been replaced by

    Corrects bugs between versions kali 1.1, 2 and 2016

    You can download version 1-4 thru kali here OR thru the link below

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