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Thread: trouble with apt-get update

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    Unhappy trouble with apt-get update

    how could i resolve this?
    sudo apt-get update
    Trovato all InRelease                         
    Trovato sana/updates InRelease                        
    Scaricamento di:1 sana/updates/main Sources [103 kB]  
    Scaricamento di:2 all/main amd64 Packages [895 B]
    Scaricamento di:3 sana/updates/contrib Sources [20 B] 
    Scaricamento di:4 sana/updates/non-free Sources [20 B]
    Scaricamento di:5 import InRelease [10,4 kB]   
    100% [5 InRelease gpgv 10,4 kB] [In attesa degli header] [In attesa degli headeSplitting up /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/http.packages.debian.org_dists_import_InRIgn import InRelease                           
    E: Errore GPG: import InRelease: Il file con la firma in chiaro non รจ valido, ottenuto "NODATA" (la rete richiede autenticazione?) /--------> in english: file with sign isn't valid, gained "NODATA" (network request authentication)

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    I'd guess the repos might be down. Have you tried again since posting?

    Also, it appears you are using the deprecated Kali Sana version. I suggest upgrading to Kali Rolling.

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