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Thread: Gnome(new in Kali Rolling): Bigger Size of the Applicationsmenu

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    Gnome(new in Kali Rolling): Bigger Size of the Applicationsmenu

    hey guys,

    i've been searching now for hours to fix the thing:

    Screenshot from 2016-03-03 19-55-45.jpg

    I want the Applicationmenu the have a bigger size, so i can read the full name... i already searched in servel gnome forums but i didt found a thing .... Does somebody have a suggestion ?

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    You can mess with the application-menu directly by modifying the js extension located at:

    I had to do this to make the menu bigger for a high DPI screen. It seems some of the size attributes are simply hardcoded in the extension. As a result, I couldn't read any of the application group names as they were truncated after only a few characters.

    Have a look at the _display() function. I ended up tweaking 2 values there:'width: 35em;'); -> changed to '45em' = 300; -> changed to 600

    You can test your changes by restarting the gnome-shell: ALT+F2, type 'r' and hit <enter>.

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