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Thread: Headless / Server kali build?

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    Headless / Server kali build?

    Is there a headless release of kali linux already? Or how does one go about it rolling their own?

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    I have the same need - did you manage to figure it out? If yes, can you share your experience?

    We have completely headless board (x86) where we would like to try Kali.

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    I too would like to find or build a headless version. In the meantime, you could try changing the default target to run multi-user instead of graphical. It doesn't remove the GUI just doesn't start it by default therefor saving the memory.

    systemctl set-default

    More about systemd here:

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    i made my own live-build-config to create a headless version.
    all i did was just remove kali-desktop-gnome from the package-lists file and set sshd to autostart with the OS (off by default).
    if you're lazy i have a git repo you can get my config from

    just clone that and run this from the live-build-config folder:
    ./ --distribution kali-rolling --variant headless --verbose

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