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Thread: Nvidia gpu install

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    Nvidia gpu install

    Hi guys, and sorry for this post but I really need help with this one. I've spent almost a week trying to figure out how to install NVIDIA GPU on Kali ... I give up I can't do it, maybe you can help.

    So I've got an ASUS UX302L notebook with both Intel HD and a GT 730M on it. I assumed that is Optimus so I tried the installation guide from here:

    To be honest I am stuck when I ran the command modinfo nvidia it says : modinfo: ERROR: Module nvidia not found, so this happens because the driver it is not installed or what ? I've got a fresh install of Kali. I need to use cudaHashcat and cuda pyrit for college since I am in my last year. I am kind of new to Kali so please if you can help with a guide or anything I would be really in your debt.

    I must say that I tried the second version as well from page 3 but that doesn't work either. I can provide you anything you ask about the install, but please help.
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    I second this, I'm in essentially the exact same boat here.

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