I have a samsung note 3 N9005 , Nethunter is running but I have come into some problems and don't know how to rectify them.

1. running wifite i get a message saying airmon-ng requires the program iw
2. Got external wifi card TP-LINK wn722n when its plugged in green light doesn't show up, I know the cable works.

if it helps my my kernel Version ( 3.3.0-4540543 dpi @ SWDD 6717 1
My phone is android 5.0 lollipop

I install nexus 5 lollipop from kali website.

is there more that I have to do? sorry about this I'm a beginner installing Nethunter on a phone

PS: this was a fresh install of nethunter on device and busybox seems to be working fine though i don't know what it does.