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i ignore the forums like the plague that they are because users can't be arsed to search"
On the one hand i understand his behaviour because this forum is a real mess.
Nevertheless, that maybe their role to moderate it better....
The only time i got "feedback" from one person from the staff, about whom i had never heard about before and never saw animating the forum, was to "take me away" some kind of "good behavior points" for swearing using the f--- word
Be treated like a kid by somebody who is I guess younger than me and have surely less experience than me in moderating forums is somehow quite funny.
Are you here to behave like a kinder garden vigilante or to moderate? ... Which means taking the time to delete the duplicated question or regroup them, to attend people and give some direction to this messy forum..
I have the feeling that apart form gotm1lked, they really don't give a... poopoo < i have to take care to don't get strike two... about what is going on here.

And the pixiedust "adventure" demonstrate that this developer is wrong...
.. without the community and this forum he would never have understood or even dreamed about including a tool to exploit the main wifi breach discovered in the last past two years...
So he shouldn't ignore this forum and think that it is all about "arsed" (a world taht i don't understand but it doesn't sound like a compliment) whatever

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file bugs in the bug tracker
I got this...
BUT a bugtrack is for ... bug tracking,
Nt to launch a debate about "what is the best solution to make the best distribution"... that's the point to have a forum.
So if he wants the bugtrack to be as messy as the forum, that's definitely the way

Aanarchyy, if you can sepak about him again ask him if he could explain you briefly why they choosed network manager instead of wicd?
because with what you tell me i doubt that any member of the staff or development team will come here to give us some piece of information

By the way, isn't this forum called Kali Linux Development ?
I understand that a devloper doesn't have time to answer basic question in genral use... But creating a forum called "development" and if it is moderated properly... Knoewing thsat no developer will never loock at it sounds like a big and bad joke...

"wlan0" does not sound like an interface name which has been put in monitor
...Unless you enable mode monitor with iwconfig which is, as aanaarchy sayed in another thread "basically what does airmon-ng"
If you cannot enable properly mode monitor with iwconfig... well...Guess what! : it won't work better with airmon-ng

I am sure that the kali staff people knows much more than me, no doubt about that, and i am grateful to all their work... nevertheless user experience and feedback is primordial to a GNU-linux distribution and ignoring them is a big mistake.
A forum is a tool if you know how to make it works.
I thought that the fact that - at least - they opened a "community project" sub-forum after pixiedust adventure showed that they had understood the interest and potencial in having a forum with a dynamic community...
I guess that somebody will have to find a new flow in WPA to make them fully realize it.