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Thread: Windows, UNetbootin, ISO image on HDD, ubnldr.mbr error

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    Question Windows, UNetbootin, ISO image on HDD, ubnldr.mbr error

    Probably a simple fix, currently lacking the resources to research this myself so unfortunately I'm forced to intrude here with my question as a last resort..

    Succinct topic title describes the error.


    1) Download Kali .iso file.
    2) Use UNetbootin to create a HDD install option from the .iso.
    3) Restart.
    4) Select UNetbootin OS option at boot menu.
    5) Told \ubnldr.mbr file is missing, code 0xC000007B.. No Kali installation.

    I suspect it has something to do with interplay between GRUB and MBR but I can't puzzle it out. With Windows launched I can locate the file in question in C:\ along with the Kali folders and am therefore unsure why it's not being recognized in the boot menu. I've searched pages upon pages of Google results but nothing seem to clue in to my specific problem, so hopefully some response here will shed some light for future users who run into the same issue. I seem to have all the data I need to launch the installation, so how do I point the boot menu to access this file?

    Kindly forgive my ignorance. Any help would be appreciated. If someone can fix this I'll send you a picture of a cupcake or something.

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    Its probably better if you use win32 disk imager instead of unetbootin.
    Just follow the documented guide below

    To image iso:
    To dual boot:
    Install docs:

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    Honestly, if you have Windows host machine - just go ahead and use aephluxs suggestion. Win32 Disk Imager or Rufus would work perfectly fine.

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    unethbootin just work fine to make a live with Ubuntu and derivate systems (Xubuntu, Lubuntu ... )
    The ubuntu team itself decide to replace unethbootin by another utilty in their next version , the 16.04... unethbootin is dying and you can forget about it.
    Follow the recommendations of aephlux and Phreya, :wink:
    Alternatively you can also use Linux live creator it is pretty cool too.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm familiar with the documentation and USB installation process. Unfortunately if I could access a USB drive I would have pursued this option from the start. However, as I mentioned, I'm attempting to launch an ISO image from the HDD. This is the issue.

    So again, if anyone could shed some light on prompting the boot menu to access the ubnldr.mbr file that would be a huge help.

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    Are you trying to install kali on hdd?
    You can't launch an iso from a hdd and attempt to install it on the same hdd.
    Its only possible if you're trying to install a virtual machine.

    You need to install it from a different source.
    If you don't have an usb drive, maybe you could try booting/installing from a dvd drive.

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    Unfortunately CD/DVD isn't an option, either.

    I was hoping I could install Kali from HD by fooling the system into thinking removable storage was present during startup, but apparently that's not an option unless using UNetbooting in conjunction with Ubuntu, for instance. Frustrating because I can see the files I need to access, there's just apparently no way of processing them.

    Additionally, the virtual machines I'm familiar with restrict Wi-Fi reception by design which makes Kali redundant unless I'm inputting from an ethernet cable.

    What a pity. Thanks for the input.

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