I'm using a Fujitsu U820, it worked fine with prior Kali versions. The latest works just fine from USB, but after install, some sort of strange loop happens during login: The mouse cursor sticks in the upper left corner, then resets to center screen, the actual cursor then appears in the correct place (login name, password etc) but only lasts long enough to type a single character before cycling...so I CAN login, but it takes quite awhile, and then gets me to a terminal, and no display seems to be available (if I take the time to type xterm). My suspicious was that it had something to do with the touchscreen driver or something similar because the very first time login pops up, I can type about 8 characters before the loop begins [my assumption was that was when the problematic driver finally loaded], but when I re-launched from USB, it works perfectly fine, so now I'm a bit lost. I tried the text install and GUI install options with the same result

Very grateful for any guidance