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Thread: New Attack Against WPA-TKIP

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    New Attack Against WPA-TKIP

    Interested readers should refer here,1262.0.html

    Breaking RC4 in WPA-TKIP and TLS


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    If your thinking that this applies to WiFi you would be wrong

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    The attack described in the paper really looks like what does tkipun-ng.
    At least it is the same idea, based in exploiting rc4 weakness to be able to inject traffic
    too much maths for me...

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    i installed kali linux with windows 10 dual boot but after installing grub loader is not showing windows 10 i have tried almost everything so that i can have windows 10 available too but all efforts gone in vein..can anyone plz tell me what to do?
    i edited dat 40_custom file in grub.d folder ...i m a newbie to linux dats y i want to know if there is some way i can boot in my windows 10 os

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    If Window 10 has a Master Boot Record ie MBR then you need to restore it and Windows will be available. There is a program called FIXMBR but to our knowledge it supports up to Windows 7 only. You need to search for a method to restore the MBR or Windows 10 equalivent.


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    To sml156

    The exact procedures to inject packets into a WPA-TKIP network are not outlined and there is only the statement in a short paragraph saying that it can be done near the bottom of the paper.


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    Topic is not related to Kali support.
    This is a Kali-Linux support forum - not general IT/infosec help.

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