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Thread: Files still in trash after reboot

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    Files still in trash after reboot

    I'm using a Kingston 8GB Flashdrive with Kali 1.0.2 on it and running it as Live on a Compaq Mini notebook. I have no persistence defined on the Flashdrive either.

    I deleted 1 file once. And moved it to Trash. After I reboot my computer the file is still there. As a LiveCD wasn't everything suppose to vanish after the computer shutdown ?

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    Ok so, here's what I did. I booted with another USB Flashdrive with Ubuntu. Shutdown the computer, rebooted with Kali, and the file was gone.
    The file was there for 3 days, after God knows how many reboots (about 30 reboots more~less).

    Don't know what happen, don't know how it got fixed, but it did so I'm good now.

    Tested and re-tested, did the same thing over and over again and the problem didn't happen again.

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