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Thread: No Storage Space after "apt-get upgrade" command

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    Question No Storage Space after "apt-get upgrade" command


    So I recently booted a "KaliLinux.iso " into my 64GB USB drive. After doing that, I restarted my PC, and a prompt came up. From the prompt I selected "Live USB Persistence" . (I had no problem there but I think this may be causing my problem)


    I went to the terminal and put "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade". After a couple of seconds, it asked me whether I wanted to update it or not. I put yes and it started doing some work. As it neared the end, I told me that I had run out of space. I'm pretty sure it wasn't updating on my USB, but rather somewhere else. How can I either...
    A) fix this issue?
    B) make it so that everything goes to my USB?

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    Afaik, you can't upgrade a live usb.

    You probably have to re-image the usb for it to work properly again.

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    I would be curious as to the size of the partition you created for your persistent storage.
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    It was 45GB

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