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Thread: Net Hunter - Nexus 6 - Internal Bluetooth?

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    Net Hunter - Nexus 6 - Internal Bluetooth?

    Hey all.

    Took me ages but finally got Kali Nethunter installed on my Nexus 6... after hours and hours with many many factory resets (installers freezing, kernals shizzing themself).

    I have come to use the Bluetooth programs however states i have no bluetooth device detected.

    Gone through the steps as below.
    Physically turned bluetooth on, on my phone.
    #Service bluetooth start (apparently starts ok)
    Attempted to run bluetooth software (e.g Btscanner)

    However still states no bluetooth device detected.

    I know Wifi cant be used as most internal dont have packet injection / monitor mode supported but surely bluetooth isnt the same.

    Is there a way to set up the bluetooth to make it work, i have checked google but there is so little actually on there about nethunter.

    I have read RFCOMM support isnt offered but is there a work around, thanks in advance.

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    I have managed to be able to get my phone to show Bluetooth is started with the internal Bluetooth however does not show on LSUSB command..

    any way to get RFCOMM supported any time soon or a fix that I can implement for internal card???

    apt-get install Bluetooth
    apt-get install bluez
    service dbus stop
    service dbus start
    service Bluetooth start

    it shows that Bluetooth is now running, before it use to say failed prior to dbus being restarted however does not show as a detected device.

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    Try This

    # cd /usr/lib/modules/3.15.3-1-ARCH/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/

    # cp ath3k.ko.gz ath3k.ko.gz.orig

    # cp btusb.ko.gz btusb.ko.gz.orig

    # gunzip ath3k.ko.gz

    # gunzip btusb.ko.gz

    # sed -e 's/\xf3\x0c\x05\x30/\xf3\x0c\x05\xe0/g' ath3k.ko > at.ko

    # sed -e 's/\xf3\x0c\x05\x30/\xf3\x0c\x05\xe0/g' btusb.ko > bt.ko

    # mv at.ko ath3k.ko

    # mv bt.ko btusb.ko

    # gzip ath3k.ko

    # gzip btusb.ko

    # rmmod ath3k

    # rmmod btusb

    # modprobe btusb

    # modprobe ath3k

    If that also doesn't work.Your best bet is to use an external device, the same applies for your Wi-Fi adapter.

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    Hey mate

    Thanks for response.

    Ive tried this method before however i cant even execute the first command.

    It states directory does not exist and as a result i cant finish the required commands.

    Any tips to get around this? Ive got all the bluetooth things installed and able to make it stay running however never shows as a device.

    Ive even gone as far as running the VNC and checked all my files via the viewer and that folder / directory doesnt exist. Anywhere i could download it from?

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