I have a computer I'm trying to install Kali Linux as the hard drive on. When I go to install it, it doesn't recognize the USB and keeps telling me to insert a bootable CD. But my CD drive doesn't even work. When Kali Linux 2.0 first came out, there was a 'install kali' option in the applications. When I had this problem previously, all I had to do was load the Live Kali then chose 'install kali' and it would recognize the USB properly and the install process would complete perfectly. Well the latest update of Kali 2.0 does not include the 'install kali' option so I'm screwed. Does anyone have advice they can give me?

Since I couldn't get kali to install as my hard drive, I decided to just set up persistence and use Kali that way. I've done this many times before and never had an issue. I went through the process of setting up my partitions. I have two partitions, the regular one than one I created and marked persistence. However when I start up my computer again, nothing is saved from my earlier session. However my partition looks the same. It's divided in two with one marked persistence. So it is saving that. If anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated.