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Thread: kali on R Pi2 log in screen no keyboard, stuck.

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    kali on R Pi2 log in screen no keyboard, stuck.

    I have spent time trying to get it working, but all to no avail.

    I see other people with SIMILAR problems, but critical differences preclude them from being of any help to me.

    The Pi doesnt have a PS2 port.
    The SD card is akingston 16 gig class 10.

    I installed the image file to the sd card and put it in the pi.
    Plugged in the HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse. Then the power cable.
    Turned it all on.

    It is booting.
    I see the keyboard and mouse identified.
    Data scrolls past.......
    Some red text. ONE LINE!
    More scrolling.

    Screen clears and I see the log in screen/page.

    No keys work, mouse dead. Led glowing, but no movement.
    The keyboard is dead. Pressing the num lock or shift lock keys yields nothing.
    During boot, the LEDs on the keyboard toggle as I press them.

    Looking at the box, I have a R Pi 2 from E14.
    The back of the box says:
    Raspberry pi 2 model b 1 gig ram.

    Sorry, I dont remember the exact link I downloaded the image from, but it was a "named" site and not something like "joes kali pi downloads".

    However, maybe some could post a link with THE image I need and I can see if it is the same name/size as the one I have, and if not, I can download and try it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is ONE new thing which I have since discovered:

    I can SSH into the PI and log in.

    But it doesn't really help if I want to use the RPI with a monitor and do attacks on my network if I can't log in to the PI on its own keyboard/mouse to its own display.

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    with no thanks to the developers, I found out what the problem is:

    Download the 1.166 gig image from this site:

    It works.

    I downloaded the 1.66 gig version. Shame on me. Badly documented I guess.

    So if anyone else has this problem - as I did - make sure you have the right image.

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