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Thread: How to open a second Terminal with Custom Commands

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    How to open a second Terminal with Custom Commands

    Hello everyone,

    I have run into a little road block when running Custom Commands in NetHunter 3.0. Basically I need to run two Custom Commands, both in seperate Terminal Shells. The reason why I need this is because the first Command is an ongoing process until I cancel it, and the second Command is heavily dependant on the first Command actually staying alive.

    My scenario: Running Ettercap and Urlsnarf at the same time.

    I'm guessing there's a surprisingly easy way to achieve this kind of mastery, but I have been searching around for hours to no avail.

    Of coarse any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    First open Nethunter Terminal app.
    Then start Kali linux Nethunter - Custom command - Add command :
    Label :
    your lable Here
    Command :
    echo -ne "\033]0;New Terminal\007"&& clear
    Replace New Terminal with your title. and put your command after the word clear.
    Hope this is the one you want.

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    Unfortunately that didn't work. I've tried everything. I'm all out of options.

    The fact that I can't open a second Terminal with some of the standard commands in Custom Commands with the above mentioned string, suggests that I will find it pretty hard to get it working.

    For now I have to open a second Terminal manually and paste in the bashes.
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    Hi there,

    I am suffering from the same issue but I have found a tollerable easy way to cope up with it. Do this:

    1. open up nethunter terminal in kali mode (kali, andriod, androidsu).
    2. keep this terminal open.
    3. Then open Nethunter App > go to custom commands > fire each of them by tapping Run button
    4. Now you will see that each command will start with a new terminal window.

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