Hi all! Linux noob installation question here...

I am currently running Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon (LUKS encrypted HDD) and would like to Install Kali 2016.1 along-side it (also encrypted) (dual boot) on the same LUKS encrypted HDD, with swap partition if possible.

I created the Kali 2016.1 ISO. install USB...but when it came to specifying the install location, there was no "free space" on my main HDD as during the initial Linux Mint install I encrypted the whole HDD. I read a tutorial explaining that I should use a Gparted live usb/cd to re-size the Linux Mint partition and then continue with the Kali install in the free space however it seems that Gparted does not support Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) encrypted drives and I am unable to re-size the partition.

Is there a way to re-size an encrypted HDD and make space for a Kali install during the Kali installation process?

I read this post that says "it may in fact be easier to re-install and restore your data from backup rather then attempt to resize your encrypted partition."

If this is the case then thats fine, I do not have much data on my Linux Mint and it can easily be re-built...My question then is would it be better to install Kali first as described in the official documentation and select "use entire disk and setup encrypted LVM?

and then install Linux Mint afterwards? or will I then be in the same situation with no free space to install?

Is the only solution to install Mint without LUKS encryption --> then use Gparted to re-size the partition and create a new ext4 partition --> then install Kali in the ext4 free space without LUKS encryption --> then encrypt all the partitions separately afterwards? What is the best way to setup the dual boot (encrypted) from scratch? Does anyone have any experience with this?

How would I go about applying LUKS encryption post Mint and Kali installation?

Any guides or advice would be greatly appreciated!