I'm trying to get Kali Linux (ARM) installed on my pi. I had NOOBS on an 8gb microSD card previously and decided to overwrite it.

I used dd to write the Kali ARM image that is designed for my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

sudo dd if=~/Downloads/kali-2.1.2-rpi2.img.xz of=/dev/sdb bs=512k
When I put the microSD back into my pi the red and green lights came on but none of my peripherals turned on (keyboard & mouse) and my monitor received no input signal. I sat for a few minutes staring at a blank screen and nothing changed.

I instead tried the disk image writer that is provided with Kali to write the image. Using this method the pi boots, but eventually stops at this screen:

I verified the sha1 of the downloaded image, tried dd again, and tried the disk image writer provided with Kali again, and had the same results.

sudo dd if=~/Download/kali-2.1.2-rpi2.img.xz of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync