Hi, I am learning to use Ettercap on my own network with my own PCs.

I have 2 laptops connected to a Wireless Router which connects to the internet.

1 Laptop is Windows 7, the other is Kali.

On the Kali laptop, I have:
enabled IP Forwarding
edited etter.conf to set both root permissions (0)
and I have uncommented the IPTables commands.

I then run ettercap -G to open the GUI.
Set unified sniffing
Scanned for hosts
Added router to target 1
Added "victim" to target 2
Began ARP Poison

Now arp poison is successful: I even checked arp -a on the Windows PC.

If log into the router from the "victim" pc (basic auth), the credentials are captured and show up in ettercap

****** HOWEVER ******* for some reason that is just numbing my brain right now, somehow the "victim" PC cannot access the internet

Obviously it is not an IPV4 forward problem, otherwise the "victim" would not be able to access the router page and have credentials intercepted.

Any ideas what could be up with this?