I Had a Dual Booted PC Which had a Kali Linux 2.0 and Windows 8.1 since 4 Months it was Running Fine as a Normal PC, But Unfortunately today by Trying something real **** experiment, i ran into a Error while opening the PC Next Time, When my PC Started i got an a Black Screen which said

Error : file "/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod" Not Found and a Terminal Like Thing which was Written as grub-rescue>

I did a Bit Extensive Research and wrote some commands like

grub-rescue> ls (hd0,5)/
grub-rescue> set root = (hd0,5)/
grub-rescue> set prefix =(hd0,5)/usr/lib/grub/
grub-rescue> insmod normal
grub-resuce> normal

This means that i Had actually no Folder called boot/ . But still i troubleshooted that portain
Then it Loaded a Bit and presented me to Another Black Screen which prints `GNU Grub Version 2.02 Minimal Bash like Editing is Supported...


Now, What i Would Like to tell is i did a grub> ls (hd0,5)/

Which Prints out lost+found/ etc/ media/ dev/ lib/ lib64/ live-build/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ run/ sbin/ sys/ srv/ tmp/ usr/ var/ vmlinuz lib32/

What i Did Next is Wrote the command

grub> ls (hd0,5)/root/Desktop

Which Presented me The Files Which were Present in my Linux ! A Relief sign indeed, which means My Data hasn't been lost

Than i Tried to Find out My Windows booted Sector by grub> ls (hd0,3)/

Than it listed me all the files Present in C:\ Folder which were there in Windows 8.1 , So that means the Data of My Windows Sector hasnt been Lost.

But, After Reaching upto this, i am Confused what to Do Next, How do i Bring my OS Back in Graphics, currently i just see Dark screen with grub> written . I am Bit tensed as well as Confused.

Questions: 1) How do i restore my Old graphical GUI OS back along with GRUB

2) How do i Save the Data ( Because the Data seems to be in there, and i dont want to lose it by Typing any Risky Commands)

Please Help , if you need any More Information apart from these, kindly Comment below. Thank you