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Thread: BeEF not working with MITMF

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    BeEF not working with MITMF

    I am able to start beef service and access the panel. I am also able to execute the MITM command to have it inject all browser visited webpages to attempt to hook them but nothing happens. I have tried it on two different targets running two different versions of windows and each with IE, chrome, and Firefox, all non secure sites and still no hooks..

    Command I am using:
     mitmf --spoof --arp -i wlan0 --gateway --target --inject --js-url
    It then proceeds to log all the traffic it intercepts and it says it injects the malicious code when navigating on the target machine but never does it hook.

    It seems theres a general error with beef itself as I get this everytime there is an attempt to hook.

    I tried updating beef, ruby, and nothing worked.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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