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Thread: Custom Build Gnome

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    Custom Build Gnome

    I'm looking to make a custom live build gnome desktop that would include a custom wallpaper, the dock at the bottom of the screen and also use the global dark theme by default. Can anyone help me with these settings for the build? I've already tried putting the wallpaper into /includes.chroot/usr/share/images with no success. I've searched the forums and was unable to locate any information on this.

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    Wallpapers go here: "/usr/share/wallpapers/kali/contents/images"

    i am yet to find how to set the wallpaper to a specific image though...
    as far as i can tell, you need to create a hook in "config/hooks/normal" or "kali-config/variant-<variant>/hooks/normal" but i have yet to find what commands to put in a file there to do it

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    i have found how to change the wallpaper and lock screen images from command line

    dconf write "/org/gnome/desktop/background/picture-uri" "'file:///path/to/image'"

    Lock screen:
    dconf write "/org/gnome/desktop/screensaver/picture-uri" "'file:///path/to/image'"

    I am yet to test these with live-build-config but at least that's how they are changed

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