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Thread: NVidia drivers crash

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    NVidia drivers crash

    I am newbie to linux, so please don't be angry...

    I have Kali 2 4.4.0 installed. (UPD: When I installed Kali I had 4.3.0, but it updated somehow) I've did apt-get update, upgrade and dist-upgrade, installed linux-headers and all of stuff that was told about on 'installing NVidia drivers' related thread.

    After that I have done driver install. It wrote that I don't have xorg-server package. I have tried to get it from apt-get install xorg-server, but there wasn't any. When I rebooted I have got NOT 'completely black screen on which I can press ctrl-alt-f1', but black screen with
    'Kali linux rolling etc.
    Enter login: '
    login promt
    It was laggy and said that there's no root user. Screen was flashing and Num-lock indicator was flashing on and off all the time, like it was turning on and off keyboard driver, trying to run GNOME/KDE/whatever was preinstalled on Kali.
    Then I launched recovery mode and renamed /etc/X11/xorg.conf (I don't remember the exact path, sorry if I made a mistake writing all of this)
    After all of that system booted to that login promt, but it launched GNOME/KDE/whatever with error 'Oops. Something went wrong. Please log off and try again'. After pressing 'log out' it restarted over and over again.

    I think that this is because of no xorg-server, but I may be wrong. Also it didn't shown my NVidia GPU on lspci, showing instead built-in Intel graphics card.

    Also I would appreciate if you would tell how to launch wpa_supplicant (or something to run wifi), because I have some troubles getting wired internet connection. I have already logged to couple of Wi-Fi spots, so in some file there should be data to log in.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English and my bad Linux knowledge.

    I have read different articles about how to install NVidia drivers and this is what I have done:
    Deleted .deb package and reinstalled drivers with .run file.
    Installed xorg package. Still showing warning about "No xorg-server" thing.
    Added blacklist-nouveau.conf and nvidia-config-something.conf with 'blacklist nouveau' and 'quiet/quiet nouveau=0' strings.

    On lspci there is two lines that showing up (related to topic):
    3d accelerator: NVidia graphics card [GeForce GT 920M] (something like that)
    VGA:Intel [built it card]

    After doing all of that I have login promt with not working alt-ctrl-f1 and flashing NumLock indicator.
    I don't know what the trouble is, but I think I just made it worse.

    I'm ready even to reinstall Kali only if I will have the ability to install NVidia drivers with CUDA acceleration, because 500-600 passwords per second on aircrack-ng and ~70pps on cowpatty isn't really that fast as I want...
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