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Thread: Kali Linux on VMWare esxi 6.0

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    Kali Linux on VMWare esxi 6.0

    I would like to have a full screen option when running Kali Linux on VMWare esxi 6.0.

    Here's what I did
    1. downloaded the kali linux 2.0 iso
    2. Uploaded this to the VMWare esxi 6.0 server - This is not vmware workstation
    3. Created a VM for Debian 8 64 bit
    4. 30 GB Hard Drive
    5. 4 GB RAM

    1. Tried to install the VMWare tools without any luck
    2. did an upgrade of kali linux
    3. Tried to reinstall the VMWare tools without any luck
    4. Installed the linux headers and tried to install the VMWare tools without any luck
    6. Removed the VMWare tools
    7. Installed the open-vm-tools
    8. No luck

    Nothing seems to work. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by a full screen option. What are you using to connect to the ESXi system that you want to go full screen? Workstation, Fusion, vSphere Client, vSphere Web Client, etc? The ESXi system has no display aside from the ESXi console, so some other system/software else has to be involved.

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    you ever get this to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenSecurity View Post
    you ever get this to work?
    If either of you are having the same issue still, upgrade your video RAM from 4MB to at least 32MB. This resolved all display-related issues with the VM even before installing VMWare Tools. No more blank login screen or inability to adjust the resolution.

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    Did you try to install the standalone VMware Remote Console (VMRC) ? Works great for me !

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