Hey all,

I'm trying to get NetHunter going on my Nexus 7 2013 (5.1.1). I have a USB OTG Y-Cable and a Alfa AWUS036NHA, which uses the Atheros AR9721 chipset (On a PC, I have no issues with Kali and this wireless adapter...).

With NetHunter the problem that I'm having is this:
I am able to start monitor mode on the wlan1 device, I'm able to start airodump-ng or wifite and it is able to scan for networks no problems.
However, as soon as I try to start any type of attack (aireplay-ng or selecting an AP within wifite), my usb wifi adapter completely shuts off.... and is no longer even listed when I run a "lsusb".
I then have to unplug power from the OTG Y-cable, then plug it back in before the device shows again... but then I'm right back where I started again.

Any ideas why this is happening?