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Thread: OnePlusOne & NetHunter - wireless card driver (zd1211rw)

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    Unhappy OnePlusOne & NetHunter - wireless card driver (zd1211rw)

    Hello everybody. I use a Oneplus One with Nethunter 3 (over CM 13 nightly from May 1st, 2016), and I would like to use a USB wireless card called Hfield Wi-fire with and OTG cable... but NetHunter can't recognize it.
    I know the wireless card uses the zd1211rw driver, because I can use it with Kali (on my PC).

    I found the file kali_defconfig inside the kernel that says: CONFIG_ZD1211RW is not set

    I changed that line (line 1699 inside kali_defconfig) to CONFIG_ZD1211RW=y and I then I tried to build a new kernel, but I just can't build a custom kernel because I'm a newbie and I'ts beyond my knowledge.

    Can somebody help me? Can somebody built a kernel to use this wireless card or tell me how to do it?

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    OnePlusOne NetHunter wireless card driver zd1211rw

    I have the same problem and no idea where to start I need the driver for Emotiv but compiling from sources seems like a daunting task. Help

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