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Thread: [Gnome shell 3.18.1] gtk themes are a complete mess, help me out

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    [Gnome shell 3.18.1] gtk themes are a complete mess, help me out

    Good morning everyone

    So i am having this issue with kali linux 2016.1, the gtk themes are a complete mess, and I don't know what caused it, I may have an idea though.

    So i have installed openbox, i3-gaps and budgie Desktop environments, everything is installed correctly and the default GTK theme that shipped with kali linux worked perfectly.

    I installed arc gtk theme, and it looked normal, but after an apt-get dist-upgrade i came to find my kali linux looking like this:

    I mean this is a complete mess, the Kali theme is not different, everything is out of place the window decorations are completely off compare the windows decorations on the tweak tool and on the terminal, everything is off.

    so what may have caused it, an apt-get remove may have destroyed (removed) something, because i was going to install something and got into a dependency problem, and in order for that package to be installed i pressed yes and didn't actually looked what i was doing, i canceled the process in two secs but some things may have been lost i just don't know if they are related to gtk themes.

    I have also gone through here mainly the client side decorations part, didn't work.

    Does anyone have some info on how i can fix that please, because like this kali is borderline unusable.

    Hope you guys can help out

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    First a word to the moderation team.

    I am sorry if i posted in the wrong place, but that was in my reading the best place to post my problem, as it wasn't a problem with any tools packed by kali, still in the same section there is a post asking about a similar problem (which i didn't find/see before posting my thread, because the title was off about the issue) and it's still there all well and fine, that apparently is in the right place, but it's all good.

    Now regarding the issue itself, this apparently seems to be related with debian testing (what kali runs on) and the issue is explained and here basically we have to sit and wait for the gnome team to fix this I believe, meanwhile i am going to try and downgrade gnome-shell and see if that's possible.

    Will try to keep this post updated.

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