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Thread: Compatibility with Intel Atom Z3735F processor based system

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    Compatibility with Intel Atom Z3735F processor based system

    I am planning to buy a laptop which features a Intel Atom Z3735F processor and install Kali Linux over it.

    Processor Details:
    The laptop i want to buy:

    Since it is a 64bit processor and we have a 64bit Kali Linux image, things should go pretty smooth.

    Earlier to this, i have installed Kali on my rpi2 which has ARM processor and Kali Linux runs just awesome on it

    However I want a second opinion about the compatibility with the hardware (the WiFi, USB, etc...). Could you please help me if anyone faced issues with any hardware not supported.


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    The USB and everything else looks good.

    Do you know of it's wireless driver? Does it have an ethernet port (you need one to download important packages)?

    Once you have the wireless driver information, double check if it is listed here:

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