Hi All,

I am bit new to Kali-Linux OS and I managed to configure internet connection on Kali-Linux and share (by editing in /etc/sysctl.conf) it with other windows systems in the WM, by configuring the Kali-Linux IP in the default gateway of the window (I tested with win XP) systems. Basically the Kali-Linux system works as a router in this scenario and all the traffic goes through this system. Therefore, I can configure rules (iptables) to filter the traffic to act as firewall.

When I configure a VPN connection (using VPNBook) in the Kali-Linux system it works fine, but the internet doesn't work on the Windows PC (windows xp). How do I fix this issue? How do I share/use Kli-Linux VPN on other systems?

Second question, if I implement a VPN connection, will I still be able to monitor inbound and outbound traffic?

Please help me on this...

Thanks in advance.