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Thread: Adding custom packages (.deb) to the Kali 2.0 live-build process

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    Adding custom packages (.deb) to the Kali 2.0 live-build process

    I'm attempting to build a custom Kali 2.0 ISO that has Nessus pre-installed on it. However, I can't locate the packages directory to place the .deb file in under the kali-config tree. I had been using the Kali documentation as a guide for this and it references a packages directory.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    config/packages.chroot for .deb packages

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    Quote Originally Posted by jezzivi View Post
    config/packages.chroot for .deb packages
    Except that when one downloads the live-build-config from git for Kali, there is no config directory. There's a kali-config directory and then various desktop variants. After is run, I see a config directory.

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    After running, the config/packages.chroot directory is there. I placed my Nessus-6.6.2-debian6_amd64.deb in that folder and reran THe build fails and the log indicates "Unable to locate package Nessus"

    Is there another location I need to edit to allow the live build to find the package?

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    To add external .deb to kali repositories create a packages folder : live-build-config / kali-config / common / packages
    To add .deb from the kali repositories add the package names to the kali.list.chroot file
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    So the latest Nessus.deb is not a valid Debian package. Debian packages cannot be Upper case (Nessus), and have to be (nessus).
    I have soleved the issue by renaming and repacking the Nessus.deb packages as per


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