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Thread: Openvpn not working in Kali Linux Rolling

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    Openvpn not working in Kali Linux Rolling

    So I have thoroughly followed every step in two different tutorials on openvpn setup for Kali now. Then followed a supposed "fix" for Rolling that also did not work. I have all my packages and setup Private Internet Access "from file" so I know all of my routes, certs, etc are correct.

    Under network-manager nothing every happens when I try and connect "VPN Off" is all it says.

    I have verified "service openvpn status" is running. But shouldn't there be a definition under /etc/network/interfaces if it installed correctly? Ie "tun0" or something similar? Because there is nothing showing there besides my l0 interface, wireless wlan and eth0.

    This breaks every time there is a Kali update and I have to put on web sleuth hat to troubleshoot. How to fix this this time now?

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    So after some digging, I found that in NetworkManager.conf needs "managed=false" to be changed to "managed=true" set just to be able to turn on the VPN connection. The VPN connetion now works. However, changing the interfaces to managed opened up a new can of worms where NetworkManager no longer writes a new /etc/resolv.conf after a reboot and you are left with broken DNS. I've tried adding the DNS in /etc/network/interfaces I've tried changing it in dhcp.conf and that didn't work, tried adding prepend rules and that didn't work. I've tried using chattr -i to /etc/resolv.conf and that didn't work. The only thing that works is manually creating a new /etc/resolv.conf.

    Any ideas how to get VPN working AND managed interfaces with DNS at the same time??

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