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Thread: Missing Application Menu

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    Missing Application Menu

    All of a sudden my Applications menu is missing from the menu bar.
    Also some icons are missing from the right hand side. See screenshot.

    I removed all config in my home folder and re installed gdm3 but still same issue.
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    I'll also like a solution to this.... my own problem stemmed from updating the system through the GUI package manager. After running apt-get update&&apt-get upgrade successfully, I needed to go to the GUI package manager to update the ones I couldnt do from the terminal. Half way through, my internet goofed and I reset the system. Once booted, i found out that the menu was missing, but I went ahead to complete the GUI package updates... thinking that it will solve the no avail. I was advised to rm -rf two directories (1) ~/.local/share/applications and (2) ~/.config/menus. I couldn`t locate the ~/.config/menus directory but I removed the other one. Still couldnt solve the problem. Uploaded is a screenshot of the desktop. I am running kali linux rolling edition on a 64-bit machine.screenshot.jpg

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    hi, i have same problem, after updating lost this menu and places, if somebody please help me

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    hi, try this , i used and repair for my

    apt-get install gnome-core kali-defaults kali-root-login desktop-base

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    I had this same problem, and this is how I fixed it. Alt-F2 to bring up the run command window, then type "gnome-tweak-tool". Alternately, you can run that command from a terminal. Once the tweak tool comes up, click on the extensions area. For me, "Applications menu", "Dash to dock", and "Places status indicator" were all turned off. I don't know why they were off, but turning them back on fixed it instantly.

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