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Thread: Installing missing Broadcom wl driver in Live Usb Persistance

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    Installing missing Broadcom wl driver in Live Usb Persistance

    Hi all,

    I'm setting up a live usb with persistance and have been successful in getting Kali running so far. I'm running the actual Kali rolling 2016.1 .

    However, I got some problems installing missing drivers for my wireless card, a Broadcom BCM4360 (Macbook Pro Retina 2014 if that is relevant in any way). If I understood it correctly, this card should be supported by the wl driver. The Debian page (and some other forums) tell me to install the driver with the following commands:
    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install linux-image-$(uname -r|sed 's,[^-]*-[^-]*-,,') linux-headers-$(uname -r|sed 's,[^-]*-[^-]*-,,') broadcom-sta-dkms
    # modprobe -r b44 b43 b43legacy ssb brcmsmac bcma
    # modprobe wl
    However, this fails as the module wl is not found. The output from the broadcom-sta-dkms installation says that there's missing linux-headers.
    In this case, most forums suggest to make an dist-upgrade, as the Kali rolling repository only has the newest headers. However, no post I've found so far considers the case of using the Live Usb with persistance mode.
    Even though I update and install the newest kernel and its newest headers, the system will always boot from the older kernel on the live usb image, which is 4.3 . And as mentioned, there's no linux-headers for that kernel version in the repositories.

    This, so I think, causes the the failed installation of the wl driver. Is there any other way to install the broadcom wl drivers on a Kali live usb with persistence, getting the linux-headers for an older kernel version, or upgrading the kernel on a live usb Kali?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Edit 23/5:
    Fortunately, I found a recent fix on the Kali forum, which I didn't find on Google before...
    Works perfectly fine for me!
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