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Thread: Xplico not decoding uploaded PCAPs in 2016.1

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    Xplico not decoding uploaded PCAPs in 2016.1

    Installed Xplico using:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xplico
    service apache2 start
    service xplico start

    The browser interface loads but when you try to upload a PCAP file it says it's decoding and then just says Status = EMPTY. There's plenty of data in the capture. I created them with Wireshark and tried pcap & pcapng. Also downloaded the sample files form Xplico but get the same thing.

    Any ideas? I've seen a few people with as similar problem but not a solution.

    If Xplico isn't going to work is there an alternative which nicely organises links, sessions, mail and decodes images and video?

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    I'm seeing the same behavior as you, and I haven't found any alternative software.

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