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Thread: Asus Transformer infinity tf700t with compat wireless drivers with monitor/injection

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    Asus Transformer infinity tf700t with compat wireless drivers with monitor/injection

    ive been trying to learn how to get the alfa awus036h usb adapter to work in chroot with monitor and injection support through the usb port on my keyboard/docking station for my asus transformer tf700t. i'll need to download an arm image of kali-linux still, but I noticed there are 2 arm images, I think i read armhf is newer/better than armel as long as your device is compatible? id guess my tf700t will need armhf, but any help on that if someone knows more on this subject would be appreciated

    finally, what im running is the stock rooted odex rom with jb kernel version 3.1.10 i belive, my problem is theres not a good guide for the tf700t about having a fully functional usb wireless adapter supporting monitor mode and injection. what ive basically come up with for where to get started, and the steps after that is:
    have the image downloaded, and unzipped including installing the following market apps: terminal emulator, vncviewer, busybox and i use linload, to make mounting easier. once i have my image booted with chroot and vnc configured and running, I update and install whats needed to run the aircrack suite. (if needed i can go into more detail about any of the steps ive mentioned so far) airmon-ng shows internal wifi card, with no monitor support (being also on an eth interface instead of a wlan interface due to being in a chroot which is needed to get the raw packet files in monitor mode.

    the solution?

    correct me if im a lil off, ive been learning all this by myself as I go,

    Downloading Kernel source from the asus support page
    unzip the zip file something like leaving a tar.gz file
    exract the file jb-t30xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxetc.).tar.gz with the following command:
    tar xvfz jb(currentversion#).tar.gz
    after a min of unpacking i get 2 directories Kernel and My Device
    i need to get config.gz from the /proc/ folder on root of tablet
    gunzip and rename to .config in the "kernel" folder i unpacked

    now here is where im getting stuck, im needing linux source 3.1.10 to be in the usr/src/linux/ to run the make file for the compat wireless drivers, which i downloaded compat-wireless-3.6.8-1-snpc.tar.bz2. i need to figure out how to cross compile the compat drivers against the tf700ts kernel source, Im assuming from a pc running linux, and come up with a flashable kernel image for the tf700t that will have all the drivers and modules i need to disable he internal card, and insmod the few files i found somewhere which i assume take care of the eth-to-wlan issue for injection. from what i see with the asus kernels, to install or update kernel / firmware the whole thing is basically split up in blob files which you need the blobtools downloaded to unpack and repack the LNX.blob or what ever all the files i'll be messing with are called.

    sorry for the huge runon but I was gonna just post as much as I could on what ive been doing and see if theres anyone out there with a tf700t with more knowledge on what im getting stuck on, or someone who I might have helped by listing my outline of steps, either way, just wanted to throw this out here on the forum and see how many are out there tryin to get this beast of a tablet, fully capable of testing the security of "your network" while looking as though your playin a game on a tablet

    and thank you again for all the work put in by everyone on these forums

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    I don't know if you've already been at XDA forum, but here's a thread on the Asustf300. The driver just might work in your tf700.

    Your other option is to work with He's very friendly and seems pretty good with cross-compiling drivers. Post in his aircrack blog and he will try to help you.

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    Have you had any luck with getting Kali running on the tf700t?

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