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Thread: (Please help) Monitor disconnects after boot menu

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    (Please help) Monitor disconnects after boot menu

    I recently installed Kali linux 2.0 on my hard drive, and after all the minor setbacks i got to actually login to Kali.

    Now, everything goes fine at boot, but when the login screen appears the clock starts ticking. After around 20 to 180 seconds after boot, the screen goes black and my tv/monitor loses signal -this requires a forced shutdown, as no matter what i do, the screen wont connect to the PC.

    My mind connects the problem to my graphics driver, which is an ancient Nvidia GeForce 220GT.

    Ive beeb struggling with this for around 30 hours now and really wanna be able to use Kali without having to constantly restart my computer. Please help!

    If any further specs or information about the error are required i will provide them.

    Note: everything works fine in safemode

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    I've not had video problems like you describe, but could it be that your video card is overheating?

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