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Thread: Kali Linux Rolling Hangs after succesful login (80% of the time)

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    Kali Linux Rolling Hangs after succesful login (80% of the time)

    Using kali Linux on dual boot (win 10) with UEFI on, secure boot off.

    The issue is simply as the title says, my kali Linux completely freezes after logging in successfully before displaying my desktop screen.
    In this "freeze/hang" I am not able to open any terminal or do anything else other than essentially press the power button to shut down my computer.

    Based on this I have tried to check for any bios settings causing this, updates, (a lot of googling for similar issues), attempted to fix it my self without success, complete reinstall.
    None of this had worked, however I have been noticing some things that strike me as slightly strange.

    Before my reinstall when I had attempted to log in through console, I was also getting errors at my console window namely "CPU#0~n... stuck for 22s".
    After my reinstall I am 100% able to perfectly log in through console but the moment I decide to log in through GUI I get a complete hang 80% of the time, at some points without any difference it simply succeeds in logging in. Additionally my backlit keyboard key works in this hang.

    I believe this not to simply be my display freezing as I have attempted to blindly shut down my computer assuming that it was and without success.

    I'm no longer sure on what I can do to fix this issue or what its cause is.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I had the same problem as you have mentioned above. I was able to solve it by removing Gnome and switching to XFCE. Get into console mode (tty2) and install XFCE, then just run
    . Hope this works for you.

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